Ортодонтические ленты-2-й моляр

Ортодонтические ленты-2-й моляр
Брекеты металлические
2-й моляр
Ортодонтические ленты
  • Queen Series Ортодонтические ленты-2-й моляр
  • Rough inner surface:

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Orthodontic Molar Bands

◆Permanent laser ID marking

◆Micro-etched inner surface for increased retention

◆Laser welding with single weldable tubes or lingual cleats

◆ Universal anatomy fits the rights and lefts of tooth

◆Supplying 3M Unitek size: 29/29+/30/30+...41+

◆Available GAC band size: 3/4/5...30


Metal bands packed in 10pcs/pack or 10pcs/box


Placing an orthodontic band around a patient’s tooth is a simple procedure that does not cause much discomfort in the patient’s mouth.
The tooth that is to be banded needs to be separated from the other teeth in the area through the use of a wedge that will be removed again once the bands are in place. This allows the orthodontist enough space around the tooth to slide the metal band into place.